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Tuesday, 9 June 2020

The United Queendom of Retailia



In the Beginning there was The Shopping  Trolley  Gallery, which took Art where Art had never been before.
The STG carried food for body and soul.
And it was good.

But the STG sunk in the Great  Flood of Mail Art, leaving emptiness behind. From the chaos emerged Planet Marth, the orange planet. There, in the  United Queendom of  Retailia, Queen Martha the First enjoys receiving Mail Art and makes diverse creations in response. All the artworks, gracefully delivered by Sir Kevin, Postman to Her Majesty, are recorded in the Book of Marvels and uploaded to IUOMA .

They are also uploaded to the relevant Group there, when it applies. Finally the received art is displayed on the Front Door Gallery. 
Replies are sent within the statutory two months.

Walmarth Retailia is the sole distributor of Trashpo and Recycled Art ( see below) in the Queendom and works in close collaboration with Walmarth Cascadia.

Trashpo : the name given by mail artists to collages of found material, preferably worn out and weather beaten. Some artists weather their material on purpose.
Recycled Art : MailArtMartha's version of Trashpo, using the work of famous artists found in print, which otherwise would have become trash very soon, e.g. brochures from art galleries, magazine articles, etc. 

Follow your art in motion
The Shopping Trolley Gallery

  See Ali Kaht in Instagram 


Visit Walmarth Corporation in IUOMA 

you will be needing some of these . . .